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Week 9 June 20th – June 22nd, 2017

Week 9 June 20th – June 22nd, 2017

Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA

This week the shares will have one of our all- time favorites. It is time to help the garlic that is still growing as a bulb in the ground get a little burst of energy. Cutting off the stem that is growing through the leaves will give the garlic a growth spurt in these next few weeks. That stem is of interest to us as it is the beloved “Scape!” The scape will have a mild garlic flavor. It can be processed like pesto, it can be cut into soups, stews, and stir fry or you may want to sauté the scape with your favorite vegetable.

One of my favorite spring vegetables will be in the shares this week. Peas!! You may find one of the three varieties in your shares this week and possibly for the next few weeks. Plan to use peas in your recipes within a few days. They can keep up to a week in the refrigerator. English or shelling peas can easily be split open to reveal the peas sitting in the pod, the pods are a little longer and less curved than the snap peas. The pods can be stored for when you are preparing a vegetable stock.

Sugar snap peas are a little shorter and a little more curved. Snap off one end and pull the string and the rest is edible. These peas are great eating just out of hand or you can cut them and add them to salads, they can be sautéed in just a little butter or olive oil with the addition of some garlic and some herbs they can top pasta or even risotto.

Last but not least are the snow peas. Tender pods with tiny peas inside that are often seen in a stir fry. They can be eaten raw as well just pull the string and they are good to go. So they can be a part of a veggie and dip platter. They can be split open and a filling such as hummus or herb cheese can be piped into the pod for an appetizer. If cooking with these peas, do so quickly, so that they keep that fresh crunch.

The recipe that I posted this week is for shelling peas. Sugar snap peas and even snow peas would work in this recipe as well. If you are looking for any other recipes for peas be sure to take a peek in our recipe index on the website. Recipes from all the previous seasons are there for your convenience.

Many thanks to Regina Garrell who sent a recipe this week that will use some of the greens in the share. Joanne Jaeger shared a recipe for Chicken on Facebook using garlic scapes, Vivienne Kaye West was freezing her strawberries, and Caryn Dell’Alba Pollock made jam using honey. You are all an inspiration to each other and of course me! Take a little time to check it out and keep in touch with me, Until next week, enjoy the freshness!





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