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Week 8 June 13th – June 15th, 2017

Week 8 June 13th – June 15th, 2017

Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA

The middle of June brings us to another day of celebration. We all send a special shout out to our CSA dads to wish them a very “Happy Father’s Day.” I know that you may want to stay home and cook up something from the share. We do however hope that some of you will consider joining us for brunch on Sunday morning and of course that is the perfect time to get out and pick some strawberries as well.

Shares will continue to be leafy green including lettuce once again. Spinach and Swiss chard are two of the more tender leafy greens. The recipes for these two greens can be interchangeable.

The tender leaves of the spinach and chard are perfect for a garlic and oil sauté, they will wilt easily into soups, stew, and tomato sauce. The leaves from Swiss chard can be blanched and then filled with rice or meat mixtures. There are also recipes to prepare the stems available in our recipe archive on our website.

We will once again receive kohlrabi in our shares. Kohlrabi can be served raw or cooked. You can simply peel and slice it and sprinkle with a little salt. It is perfect for shredding into a slaw. I think that it will work in Psychedelic Salad Rolls, a recipe I received this week from CSA member Tamar Bacon. I just noticed a post for Carrot and Kohlrabi fritters on Facebook, I have requested that recipe. It can be used in soup and stews and don’t forget that the leaves are also edible. If this is your first year with us, this is one of the vegetables that might be considered a little different. Something you would not pick up on a regular trip to the supermarket. Give it a try, discover something new, and let us know what you think!
I am wondering how your herbs are doing. They are growing like crazy in my garden. Use them as much as you can in your recipes. Pinching the herbs will only make the plant healthier.  Water the herbs when the soil seems dry. The pot with basil and parsley will require more moisture than the pot with sage and thyme.

Thank you so much for helping each other and sharing all of your great ideas on Facebook. It is really fun to be in touch all the time. If you have not joined us yet you can send your ideas and recipes to me by email also – I look forward to hearing from you, until next week, enjoy the freshness!




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