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Week 4 May 16th – May 18th, 2017

Week 4 May 16th – May 18th, 2017

Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA

Moving along, we are continuing with planting our herb gardens.  The two herbs this week are probably among the culinary favorites. We had to wait a few extra weeks for basil to come to us in our boxes.  The temperature should be warm enough now for this tender annual.  If you are looking to plant your herbs together, basil can be added to the pot with both parsley plants that you have received in previous shares.  The rosemary can be added to the pot that already has thyme, sage and oregano.  The herb plants that you are receiving are perfect for seasoning many of your favorite recipes.  If you are planning to prepare and store pesto, remember- we may be receiving bunches of cut basil in our shares on occasion during the summer months, however, we can never be sure so pick up some extra plants in the garden center if this herb is one of your favorites!

I read on Facebook that some of you are worried about the rabbits or deer that might be eating your plants.  By nature usually the animals don’t like herbs because of the same reason we love them, the fragrance or aroma will keep them away.  I like to plant them very close to my house, I think that helps as well. In a class that I took this morning, I was reminded of marigolds and how they can ward away all the critters because of their natural scent.   

We will continue to have leafy greens in the shares and I read that some of you are finding that the greens still have some grit after washing.  Be sure to fill a pan or bowl with cold water.  Add the greens, move them around a little and then allow the sandy soil to fall to the bottom.  Repeat until the pan does not have sand on the bottom.

One of our members had a question about the shelf life of honey.  On the CSA Facebook group page, our seasoned CSA members had the answers.  So if you are wondering and have not yet joined us on Facebook, honey does not expire.  It might however change and become crystallized.  If this should happen, remove the cap and place the jar in the microwave or in a shallow pan of warm water, the honey will return to its original texture.

Red beets will be in all the shares this week for the first time.  Remember to remove the tops from the bottoms before storing.  Place them in a foil package and roast them and then they will be ready to slice into salads when you need them or serve them on top of your sautéed beet greens add some goat or feta cheese for a perfect pairing. 

If you have any recipes, comments, or ideas to share please send them to jenn@alstedefarms.  I love hearing from you!





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