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Week 2 May 2nd – May 4th, 2017

Week 2 May 2nd – May 4th, 2017

Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA

Spring greens were popping out of the boxes last week! This is just the second week and we will have quite a few leafy greens. Prepare to make your salads the main dish! The healthy options are endless– Top a salad with chicken, fish, or steak. Leave the carbs behind and use the lettuce leaf for the wrap. Try the greens in a soup or sauté them. I am waiting and hope to hear your ideas and recipes!

I had an e-mail from CSA member Lisa Seela who is sharing her method for storing fresh greens. Really it is just an extra step and she says that the greens will keep for over a week! Wash the greens and use salad spinner, lay the leaves on paper towels (use layers if there are a lot), roll up the paper towels and place in HEAVY DUTY foil (buy the name brand, really heavy and wide), and label with name and date. Lisa says that with this method “the greens are easy to access when preparing a meal and already cleaned and ready to go. The heavy duty foil is a must and the great news is that because the foil is thick, I reuse the same piece over and over. I even reuse the paper towels as they dry out.” It is my plan to try this method this week.

Our shares will have two more herbs this week. We will add thyme and sage to our gardens. They can be planted together as the moisture and sun needs of both of these herbs are very similar. You will be able to add oregano and rosemary to this pot later on, since they also have similar needs. Last week we had flat leaf parsley and mint plants in the harvest boxes. I heard that we will receive curly parsley plants a little later in the season so keep that in mind as you are planting.

Asparagus will be in all of your shares this week for the first time! As a perennial plant we wait to see it come up each year. As a stem vegetable, each stalk is its own plant. Be sure to care for it by keeping the stems moist. Asparagus bunches can be kept in a small glass of water in the refrigerator, similar to fresh cut flowers! Roasting is the most popular method of preparation
as it brings out the sweetness of this very tender vegetable. There are also recipes everywhere for asparagus with eggs. This week I chose one that has scrambled eggs, but you can try a fried egg or prepare your omelet or quiche with any asparagus that might be left over.

Please keep in touch, either through Facebook or write to me with questions, comments and recipe ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!





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