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Week 14 July 25th – July 27th, 2017

Week 14 July 25th – July 27th, 2017

It has been a great weekend. Just like a huge family reunion. We have breakfasts all the time here at the farm and some of you do attend but this was different. Looking out at a room with all of you there at one time was really heartwarming. The turnout was fantastic and I do think that everyone had a great time.

There were quite a few questions about the Frittata that we served. It is an Ina Garten recipe that is called Potato Basil Frittata. We use Swiss and Parmesan cheese instead of the gruyere and we have added asparagus, spinach and of course this time we added broccoli. The potatoes are cooked in butter and I did steam the chopped broccoli until fork tender. I am going to try adding zucchini for our Jersey Fresh weekend.

The recipe calls for flour, I have prepared it with and without. We made the frittata for Mother’s Day here at the farm and froze some of the leftovers. We found that when we defrosted and reheated the frittata the flavor was even better.

Corn was in the shares for the first time last week and that decision was made after I completed my letter. I did post some basic methods of preparation on Facebook for those of you who might need a reminder. Some of you mentioned that you enjoy eating the corn raw. There isn’t a farmer who doesn’t love that, but for the cooked version, check out Facebook, the index and the website as well. I am not one to often use my microwave for more than re-heating coffee or tea however in the last few days more than just a few people have mentioned the microwave method for preparing corn so here it is in print this week.

While we speak of corn if you have a chance check out Oprah on the cover of “O” magazine. It is a beautiful summer picture where she is enjoying a grilled ear of corn. We here are the farm love the tender kernals of white or bicolor sweet corn. The white could not be sweeter and the bi color, my favorite, has so much character and taste. The corn on the magazine cover is yellow and not looking very tender. Truly it looks almost like field corn to me. A topic of discussion among some of us this weekend. This week I had an e-mail from CSA member Michele Zanzonico. She sent me a recipe for Blueberry Fool that I am sharing with all of you. Years ago, the first year of the Harvest Club here at the farm I tried a recipe for Gooseberry Fool. Fool or Foole does not have clear origins. It is first noted in the 1500’s in England along with trifle recipes. The original Fool recipes have a fruit or berry puree folded into a custard. Today we prepare a Fool recipe by simply using whipped cream. I remember serving the gooseberry fool with a little plain pound cake or some shortbread cookies. It is not difficult to prepare and certainly worth trying!

I noticed that many of you filled out the questions on the comment sheets at breakfast. I only found one recipe. Some of you mentioned you would send some along when you can. I hope to hear from you when you have a chance. Send your ideas to Enjoy the freshness!





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