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Week 11 July 5th – July 6th, 2017

Week 11 July 5th – July 6th, 2017

I hope that everyone had a little extra time off for the Fourth of July weekend. For me that always means more time to cook and entertain friends and family. Along with a little time to relax it was the perfect weekend.

As I look at the shares, I would say that these first weeks of July are going to be about the summer squash. Be prepared to see more in the shares. As we progress through each week I predict that you will pick up all the different varieties. Recipes will work with any shape size or color. Some of us like to stuff the “8 ball” variety the best. I prepared the Concia Zucchini a few times last week with some variations adding some chopped tomato and olives. Serving it over a bed of arugula was delicious and of course colorful.

As I am preparing squash almost every day at this time of the year, I am thinking about how we leave the peel intact. We know that nutrients are in or just below the skin. The benefit of that natural fiber in our diets is an added bonus. As a low calorie vegetable, it is often included
in diet plans. Made into noodles squash is perfect for those who are practicing a gluten free diet. Summer squash is a good source of potassium, vitamin A and C, and will deliver some of the vitamin B needed for the daily requirement. We are fighting aging and various diseases with the antioxidant properties of squash.

The super food blueberries will continue that fight. The season is here. We all love to use blueberries in baking, however we all try to limit the sugar and fat intake. Blueberry smoothies, blueberries on cereal, added to salads and just eaten out of hand will keep calories in check and benefits will abound. School is out so if you have a little time, come out and pick some extra berries, blueberries or raspberries with your family!

We will be planting again this week. A little different this time. Sunflowers will be in the shares. They can be transferred into a larger pot or planted directly into your garden. The larger the pot the larger the flower will be. Recently I planted sunflowers in among my herbs and they seem safe, otherwise they can be food for the animals that graze in our gardens.

Time for breakfast. Very Berry this past week, Blueberry this Sunday the 9th, and in honor of our Harvest Club, the CSA breakfasts will take place on July 22nd and 23rd. Please mark your calendars. Bring your ideas and recipes. We want to know what you are thinking.

If you have something to share, please send your recipes and ideas to me, jenn@alstedefarms.
com. Until next week, enjoy the freshness.





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