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Week 10 June 27th – June 29nd, 2017

Week 10 June 27th – June 29nd, 2017

Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA

As you picked up your shares last week we marked the first day of summer, the longest
day of the year. We need those long sunny days to help bring the crops out of the field and into
our shares. We have left the spring behind and with it we have seen the last of the asparagus
and soon will see the strawberries come to an end for this year as well. No worries blueberries
are almost ready and you can come out to pick raspberries if you have some time. We already
have peas and summer squash offering the first taste of summer. Living in New Jersey gives us
the gift of the four seasons. We miss what passes each year and we always have something to
look forward to.

As you come to pick up your share this week we are looking forward to a weekend of celebration
for the Independence of our country. I am sure that many of you have plans to celebrate
with family and friends over the four day weekend. I am sure that the box this week will
hold some ingredients that you will need for your menu.

Some of you are starting to preserve a part of the share. This week we will have beets once
again. Pickled beets are fairly simple to prepare and then they will last so much longer in your
refrigerator just waiting to be added to sandwiches or salads. Cabbage has come along in time
for your picnics this weekend. Coleslaw may be on your menu however if you are grilling hot
dogs and brats you may want to try the recipe for quick sauerkraut. Sauerkraut has caught
my attention and I have very recently invested in a crock and kit so that I can try the process. It
does take four to six weeks so it won’t be ready for the weekend.

CSA member Peggy Lee posted a picture of her parents on Facebook. They are 90 and
91, same ages as my parents. They continue to cook together even at this age. They say that
couples who cook together, stay together, maybe so. Is it just one more thing that is positive
about being a member of a harvest club! It is always fun to see pictures of what is happening in
all of your kitchens and it is always great to hear from you so keep in touch with your ideas and
recipes and send to Until next week, enjoy the freshness!





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