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Week 1 April 25th – April 27th, 2017

Week 1 April 25th – April 27th, 2017

Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA

“I can’t wait!” I have been hearing these words for weeks now.   Believe me we feel the same way.  We are ready to welcome all of you!   The greenhouses and the fields have come alive and we are all busy working at this first share and of course we are setting our sights on the weeks to come as well.

So let’s get started.  First you will find that you will have two potted herbs in your share each week for the next 5 to 6 weeks.  Parsley and mint are the first two.  It is okay to leave the herbs in the small pots for a while or prepare to plant your kitchen garden either in the ground or in larger pots.  Mint should be planted alone.  It will send out runners that that need space.  The pot with parsley can have the cilantro and basil that will come along later.  The light and water needs of each of these plants is similar so they will flourish.  If you were with us last year you might see your chives coming back in your garden, they are thriving in  the organic fields and will be cut and in the shares this week. Snip them into your scrambled eggs, salads, potatoes, and rice.  Try to use them within the next five days.  Cilantro will be in the shares ready to enhance any of your Southwestern or Mexican favorites.

Leafy greens are abundant at this time of the year.  In the past the recommendation was to store in plastic bags or containers along with, or wrapped in, paper towel.  Continuing to read and research there are many sites that just use the plastic bag.  If you are keeping the greens for just a few days this method can be successful.  The greens from the radishes can be used in salads and soup.  Remember to cut the tops off and store the radishes separately.

We have been pressing cider in the past few weeks during the spring tours.  The late season apples have been in cold storage over the winter.  The mixture of apples has proven to be a winner.  The cider was well received through the spring.  It is a treat at this time of year!

CSA member Michele Zanzonico was in touch last week with a recipe that she tried over the winter using the cranberry beans from one of the last shares in November.  I will share that recipe later in the season.  If you have any questions, ideas, or recipes please share, you can reach me by writing to





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