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How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Weekly Garden News for Northern New Jersey Highlands Gardeners

“How does your garden grow? Does it fend for itself or does it receive tender loving care from one who seeks to spread the beauty of nature? Is it pretty?”

A residence tells us much about the family residing within. A visitor’s first impression upon arriving at your residence is to evaluate the “aura” put forth from the house and grounds. Size, style and condition of the structure not withstanding, the setting the home exists on – its landscape- is like that of the setting of a diamond ring. “First impressions last longest” as the saying goes.

Does your residence’s “aura” tell your story? Unless you’re one of the lucky few with the resources to create and maintain a perfect appearance of house and grounds there a probably things about your landscape you’d like to improve. Some of the things that may hold a gardener back are the decisions of allocation of precious resources such as time, effort and money.

Alstede Farms is here to help! Our gardening advice is extensive, broad in range,  and will give you the information you need to accomplish your gardening goals.  It’s also free to all visitors. Whether you visit us in person, call on the telephone or send in your questions and photograph attachments via web mail to our nursery department you will be glad you did. Your visit always means the world to us! We look forward to helping you achieve your vision of a beautiful landscape “aura” no matter how grand the structure or humble the home.

A COOL Place To Visit!

A COOL Place To Visit!

Thinking of coming over to Alstede Farms for a “Day-cation?” We’ve got a cool solution to beat the summer heat! Your family can sit back and enjoy our famous homemade ice cream out on the sun terrace overlooking the farm or you can wander the nursery and greenhouses where you will find an astounding assortment of flowers, perennials and shrubs displayed in order of habitat preference, deer resistance or garden use.

The summer heat can be rough even up here in the Highlands of northern New Jersey but you can cool right off under our new shade-house, which assimilates the woodland shade of the average tree-lined home landscape. There are themed displays for shade tolerance, deer resistance, drought-tolerance and order of bloom. We have the latest re-blooming hydrangeas including Penny Mac, Quickfire and Invincibelle’s. You can even peruse an enormous alphabetically arranged fruit tree selection while standing under the breezy 50% shade.

Alstede Farms has several greenhouses in which to shop even on drizzly days where we actually grow our own flowers. You’ll be amazed by our wonderful Proven Winner combination hanging baskets displayed in pairs for your convenience. There are literally dozens of combinations you just won’t find anywhere else… because they’re our very own designs.

Up front, in plain view of our new Goat Walk, we have sunny displays of everything in our greenhouses, including Alstede’s famous selection of homegrown flowers and vegetables available now for your home and garden. It’s hard to resist our dozens of colorful patio planters with various themes including hummingbird attraction, modern color impact and traditional patriotism motifs. Here you’ll find scads of interesting  containers chosen to help make your garden unique and for every need. “Strawberry Planters? Yes, we’ve got that!”

While you’re at it, be sure to inspect our birding displays where you’ll find everything you’ll need to succeed in attracting the colorful songbirds to your garden. There are feeding stations, bird nesting houses and hummingbird feeders set up to demonstrate how simple it is to bring our visiting migratory friends into our gardens. Birds surely brighten and lighten the mood of our outdoor living space and fight the local insect populations sure to come.

When you visit please bring us a list of your most vexing garden issues. Alstede’s dedicated garden advisors are here to ensure you leave with the best and latest advice to make your gardening experience the best it can be.

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