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We’ve been wondering…

We’ve been wondering…

How does your garden grow? If it’s anything like ours, things are bursting into growth and blossom almost simultaneously. April-like weather continued far into May with cooler-than average daily temperatures prolonging early-spring flowers but delaying mid-spring flowers, with Memorial Day just two weeks away. This “bunched up” spring bloom period likely has you juggling more weekend tasks than usual, such as planting flowers and vegetables on the same day the lawn needs mowing or an application of weed and feed. Meanwhile, if you’re like most gardeners in the Highlands, you’ve got serious issues with varmints such as deer and rabbits “rushing to the buffet” like they’re late for dinner…well, let’s just say dinner’s late and who could blame them? All of this might cause some gardeners to “throw in the towel” as has been heard in our garden center more than a few times this week.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Most of us garden because there’s something satisfying about it that leaves us feeling in touch with our landscape and property, a certain sense of accomplishment and maybe the thrill of rebirth from a shrub bursting into colorful bloom… or maybe the fragrance of flowers such as lilacs, honeysuckle and petunias bring back an experience in the past that can carry you through the drudgery of the week ahead.

What’s so special about petunias? Petunias are fragrant as are most bell-shaped flowers containing nectar for pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Yes, well, you’d be right in the assumption that the deer and bunnies like them too. But did you know there are ways to outsmart plant predators at their own game? For example, white pepper can be sprayed to make the scent of fragrant flowers invisible to sensitive noses and is very effective when applied along with non-appealing flavors such as many herbs possess? Mint or geraniums may smell good to us but deer and bunnies avoid it. But we’ve got something even better: Supertunias by Proven Winners in 4.5” pots and hanging baskets. What’s so special about them? They grow so fast you can actually watch them grow and, when an herbivorous predator chomps on them they respond by doubling the amount of branches they have which means you get even more flowers! There are actually many ways to stop pests from getting the better of you. We’re here to share your first-hand experiences and suggest cost-effective strategies that ensure you’ll actually be eating the veggies you’ve spent precious time planting.

Of course, the animal population isn’t the only gardening issue this spring. Whatever your gardening, woes please bring them to us – we’re here for you. If an Alstede Farms garden advisor can’t solve a problem on the spot we’ll find you the information you’ll need to make an informed decision. Good gardening advice is always “on us” because we only succeed when you do. Bring us those vexing garden problems and let us arm you with the right strategies and plants. We want you to experience the piece of mind that can only be found in the garden while giving you back your precious family time- and that is without price.

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