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CSA Testimonials

CSA Customer Testimonials

CSA Customers

“I’ve been meaning to write a note to let you all know how much I enjoy being a member of the Highlands Harvest Club! I’ve been trying to integrate more fresh, local, and organic produce into my diet and this year I’ve really been truly appreciating it more than ever. Right now I’ve been loving all of the tomatoes and have enjoyed how perfect Alstede’s are, especially compared to what I get in the grocery store, since they typically don’t have great texture and taste – going through the whole process to get to the store (not always local). Also, I’ve been eating a lot more eggs and have loved the farm fresh local ones I get with my share each week now!

I’ve been a member for a few years now and have known how great you’ve all been all along. The more I rave to friends and family, the more they all seek out their own local CSAs in their home states. The thing that stinks is those CSAs don’t live up to what they’ve seen and heard from my experience!

So I just wanted to just say THANK YOU!! I know how much of an undertaking it must be and how challenging it may be to work with so many members/chapters, but you all are the best!! I love stopping up at the farm when I can. This year it’s been a couple times that I’ve gotten carried away at work and forgot what time it was so I just called the farm and asked if I could pick it up the next day. Even this luxury is something that not all CSAs accommodate from what I’ve heard! Some don’t include the great variety of fruits and veggies. I know even more from talking with others about their experiences elsewhere that I truly appreciate all that you do!!

Thanks so much!!  – Christina,  J&J Raritan Chapter

“I am a 2nd year member of the Clark chapter CSA. I absolutely love the box I receive each week. I am writing to tell you what a nice experience I had with the drivers yesterday. When I pulled up at my host’s house to pick up my box, the drivers were at their truck loading the empty recycled CSA boxes in before leaving. They stopped what they were doing to say hello and walked back with me to help me carry my items. One driver carried my box and the other carried my eggs. They put them in my car for me. They were so friendly and helpful to stop what they were doing to assist me. It was such a nice experience. Thanks again for everything you have to offer! Looking forward to a great season!” –Denise

“I am very satisfied overall and […] I’m sure that, if you again offer early sign up for 2013’s CSA when we get our last distribution, that we will jump at the chance.” –Happy second-year CSA member

“Every Thursday evening is like Christmas morning at our house.  My husband and I open the box with excitement to see what delicious surprises await us.  We are thankful to participate.” –Corporate Chapter Member

“As new members we have been enjoying our share very much this summer. We have tried a few different CSAs over the years and none has really worked out. When we saw your ad on the big board at NJ Devils Hockey game we decided to try again.   We are pleased with the results.” – Chester Member

“We loved it! It gave us a chance to try so many new vegetables and allowed us to eat healthier. We planned meals weekly based on what was in the half share, so the portions were great for our family of two (and enough to freeze pesto and other leftovers for winter!).”

“The fact that you would deliver directly to my office was awesome — there just aren’t any CSAs that do what you do anywhere near my home.” CSA Customer

“I liked the idea of supporting a local farm. And getting fresh veggies. Really fresh veggies!”

“We just love the fresh fruit and vegetables we get in our Highlands harvest share. The recipes you provide online are terrific too!”  – Family from Chester NJ

“It was fun trying garlic scapes, yellow beets, and other new to me veggies. Convenient to have week’s supply in one pick up. Recipes were great.” – Donna

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