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Enjoy a Half Price CSA Share All Year Long By Becoming a CSA Chapter Host…

CSA Chapter HostAs a chapter host you would be providing a convenient location for fellow members to pick up their weekly boxes. The season is 31 weeks long, one week longer than last year! It is a weekly delivery, so you would be expected to make a season-long commitment. A chapter site should provide a secure location for us to deliver multiple shares on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday each week. (Specific delivery times will be determined once we finalize our delivery routes.)

A chapter host is expected to:

  • Provide a safe and secure drop off location for shares. This should be a shaded area out of direct sunlight, either in a garage, gazebo, porch, indoors, or other enclosed area. In order to keep the produce as fresh as possible it is best to keep the shares cool and dry. Also, for egg delivery, it is best to store them in either a cooler or a refrigerator, if available. Please let us know before the first delivery, so that we can inform the driver of the proper location.
  • Facilitate pick-up of shares each week, by providing a set pick-up time for the members each week (i.e. 4pm – 6pm, 2pm – 8pm) and oversee pick-up. Each host can determine how they can best do this, either by leaving a checklist for members, being physically present, etc.
  • Communicate with Alstede Farms staff members, as well as the members at your location, in the event of delivery changes, delays, and other last minute details. If issues arise, you will have the contact information of Maggie Callahan, the CSA administrator, and you are welcome to contact her directly if necessary.

CSA Chapter Host

We advise that the chapter host, or a designated substitute, is available for the first delivery day, to help facilitate a smooth first drop-off. This way, there will be less confusion, both for the delivery driver as well as the CSA members at your location. After the first deliveries, we do not require that you supervise all of the deliveries and pickups.

You are responsible for paying for your own CSA membership by the week before start of CSA. (If you choose to become a member yourself) Also, if your chapter has not reached 20 people before the start of the season, a delivery fee will be split among the members of your chapter. Once your chapter site reaches 20 members, we will refund you half of your remaining registration fee.

If you would like Alstede Farms to help spread the word about your chapter site, please let us know when you no longer would like more members (i.e. once your group reaches 20 members.) We will gladly honor privacy of chapter locations, also. (i.e. private lake communities, businesses, etc.)

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For further information on becoming a chapter host, please contact us: 908-879-7189 


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