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Highlands Harvest Club – CSA – Week 9

Alstede Farms – Highlands Harvest Club-CSA Week 9 July 1-5, 2012

Now we know it is summer, this week our favorite summer celebration, July 4 th.
Of course it is a symbol of our freedom and we will all spend some time at a commemoration, parade,
and of course fireworks. We will choose clothing that shows off patriotic colors and when it
comes to food we will plan a picnic, cookout or barbeque or we will be invited to one. I have
noticed that we already have Jersey Corn, South Jersey of course ready for the holiday. That
has to be the earliest in memory. A festive colorful part of any meal is the dessert. I have
included a dessert and some sweet ideas that I hope will fit perfectly into your 4 th of July
holiday plans.

Summer is coming on in the shares as well. As we have said before, “this season is weeks
ahead of previous years.” I am sure that the heat this week has added to the progression of
many crops. There will be raspberries in some of the shares and some of you may even have
plums. Some shares may have one of the first apples of the season, Lodi Apples. Lodi apples
are known for being ready in the summer. I am sure you are thinking that apples are a part of
the fall season. We will have many varieties of apples along the way. I guess they will all be a
little earlier than usual this year. Time will tell. Lodi apples are a greenish color. Keep them
refrigerated until you are ready to use them. Applesauce is the best recipe for Lodi Apples as
they tend to break down and become mushy when cooked. They are not a good apple for
pies. Try to use them within this week.

The shares had a great variety last week. As I unpacked my share I was thinking about what I
would prepare. I quickly cleaned and steamed the cauliflower and broccoli so that it would
be ready for Cavatelli and Broccoli. I shelled the peas added them to the salad that evening
and I cleaned and dried the tougher greens and roasted them while I was preparing dinner so
that I would have a snack for a few days. I decided to cut the kohlrabi in ½ peel it and slice it
and I put that out sprinkled with just a little salt. I find that I am hungry while I am preparing
dinner and I will reach for whatever is easy to grab. Instead of a piece of cheese or something
I should not be eating, I have been eating radishes, now kohlrabi, in my forever quest to eat
better all the time. If Paula Dean can lose 30 lbs. it should be easy for us who actually know
better and have the tools to work with.

This past week we received a note from one of our members along with a recipe. The recipe
will give all of those salad greens a little twist. You will actually be able to cook with them.
One of the aspects of a true model of a CSA is that of members are all in some way working
together as a part of the farm community. We love to hear from you with your best recipes
and tips. Imagine if every one of our members would take a few minutes to send us a quick
tip or a favorite tried and true recipe. We would have our own personal CSA collection. I for
one do not collect cookbooks. The best recipes that I have and use have come from someone
I know who was willing to share.

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