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Getting Ready

Getting Ready

As I write this, the sun is shining bright, skies clear and the temperature outside is hovering around 60. But according to forecasts, that is all going to change overnight. Thermometers will plummet into the 20s. Winds will become gusty and precip will start, perhaps as snow. Going forward, temps will seldom rise out of the forties in the daytime and stay below freezing at night.

Looks like winter is finally here.

It had to happen eventually of course. We have had a good run, with one of the warmest Octobers on record. Knowing this, we have been getting ready for it for awhile. Of course all the snowplows have to be found and dug out from behind whatever equipment has been stuck in front of them. Houses are checked for heat, oil supply, doors and windows sealed. Barn & shed doors inspected to be sure we can close tight when needed. Automatic alarm system in greenhouses checked to be sure it can wake somebody if the heat goes out.

Then there are the pumps. So many pumps. Getting together with ace mechanic Brian, we guestimate that there are at least 4 irrigation pumps…

Irrigation Pump

8 sprayers with pumps

25 tractors with pumps

32 trucks with pumps

Along with various sump pumps, drainage pumps and entire irrigation systems on each farm that have to be checked, drained, and/or dosed with antifreeze good to -50F.

So Brian and Ted have plenty to do and not a lot of daylight hours these days to get it done. But it’s not like they have been caught by surprise. It is like this every year.

Next thing you know it will be time to start planting and do it all over again.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sam Walmer
Farm Steward





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