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Tomasello Wines

Tomasello WinesAlstede Farms has teamed with New Jersey’s largest winery! Located in Atlantic County’s Outer Coastal Plains and founded in 1933, Tomasello Winery is a third-generation family owned vineyard, renown for producing award-winning wines. Their incredible wines can be found in 37 states in the country and 5 countries worldwide and now at our farm. Tomasello Winery produces well over 40 types of wines. Experience everything from classics like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay to rarities like Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Their single varietal wines are award winning, estate grown and bottled for superior quality and taste. We are very excited at what the partnership of these two family-owned and operated agricultural businesses brings to our customers.  Check Out Our Tasty Recipe Ideas With Tomasello Wines!

Enjoy these 5 wines at 25% off regular price during our July wine sale:

-Shore House Red
-Shore House White
-Blueberry Hard Cider
-Blueberry Fruit Wine
-Blueberry Moscato

Wine Tastings:

Wine tastings are available every day in our farm store from 10 am – 6 pm and outside at the Tomasello tasting shed weekends 12 pm – 5 pm

Wine Tasting Shed

Wine Tasting Special:

For $5.35, you receive a Tomasello Winery glass and your choice of up to 5 wines to taste! Bring your wine glass back to the Tasting Room inside the Farm Market, the outdoor Tasting Shed, or any other Tomasello Winery location for a free tasting! (Please note: wine tasting is only available at our outdoor tasting shed when children’s activities are available (May – Oct).

We are happy to offer wine discounts to private parties held in Harvest Hall(15%) or ticketed events(20%) held in Harvest Hall!

Tomasello Winery

Our Best Sellers:

Palmaris Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Reserve: This American Wine Society Gold Medal Winner is also a Bordeaux blend composed of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Petite Verdot, and 5% Cabernet Franc. It is a smooth and luscious red wine.

Outer Coastal Plain Chambourcin: Finished in American Oak, Chambourcin is best characterized as a medium body Beaujolais style red with smoky notes and a slight peppery finish.

Outer Coastal Plain Sangiovese: Made with the same grape as Chianti, this 100% Sangiovese is a fruit forward and well balanced medium body red.

Autumn Leaf Red: One of our four season wines, Autumn Leaf Red is a semi- dry red wine with depth and character. This wine is a sure choice for Sangria lovers.

Outer Coastal Plain Pinot Grigio: Classically refreshing and crisp, wonderful hints of grapefruit highlight this delightful white.

Outer Coastal Plain Rkatsiteli: This mysteriously named ancient vinifera produces wines that are fruit forward with nice hints of pear and a slight spice.

Daffodil White: A semi- dry white wine with hints of fruit. It is the essence of Spring and great for white Sangria!

Raspberry Moscato: A blend of 100% Red Raspberry wine and Moscato grapes combine the intense decadent character of Red Raspberries with the spicy hints of the Moscato grapes.

Blackberry Fruit Wine: A moderately sweet, full bodied wine made from 100% Marion Blackberries with a dominant cassis and bramble berry character.

American Almonique: A “recipe” wine made from moderately sweet Native American grapes flavored with natural almond and vanilla. An “Amaretto- like” wine without the harsh astringency of alcohol and syrupy sweet consistency.

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine: Vidal Blanc grapes were partially frozen at time of harvest to create this rich dessert wine with wonderful hints of honey and berry.


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