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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables in our Farm StoreWe work very hard to provide high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables for our Farm Store, Farmer’s Markets and our Tailgates. They must meet our very high standards of excellence.  Our Farm Store offerings vary by season, but we always keep a nice variety of fresh produce available any time of year.

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A word about our farming practices…

tomato fieldLong before sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship were buzzwords, we were taking a very responsible approach to the way we raise nutritious and safe food. Part of our farm is USDA Certified Organic and the produce that is grown and harvested from those fields proudly bears that label.  All products that bear a USDA Certified Organic label or advertise organic ingredients must meet or exceed the regulatory standards established by the National Organic Program; and we undergo a rigorous inspection every year to make sure we are in compliance. Since 2002, organic certification has taken place under the authority of the United States Department of Agriculture, which accredits organic certifying agencies and oversees the regulatory process. Our farm, as a whole, uses only sustainable and natural growing methods and our management practices incorporate many techniques that are an integral to any good organic farm. These management practices include sustainable farming strategies and Integrated Pest Management. Because of the sustainable farming practices we employ, using a chemical is the last thing we would do.  We know this is important to you and we are proud to produce for you the freshest, healthiest, and safest fruits and vegetables possible.


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