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Meet Mr. Sawdust

Mr SawdustI was born on a dairy farm in Arundel, Maine.  My mom had my brothers and sisters and I in a wooden crate lined with sweet smelling hay that the farmer’s daughter had prepared for her.  My brothers, sisters and I, 5 in all, played in the hay and learned to chase bugs, one day dreaming of chasing the barn mice like our mom and dad. The farmer and his family were kind and we learned to eagerly await the farmer each morning and the fresh milk he would give us when he was finished milking.

Farmer Kurt came to visit that summer and stayed in the big farm house.  Every morning, when he would come to the barn to help with the milking, he would scratch the top of my head.  We soon became fast friends, and I would scamper after him in the barn.  One afternoon, Farmer Kurt was helping to rebuild a fence, cutting and pounding rails together, making quite the racket.  At his feet was a pile of wood shavings and dust, growing bigger by the minute.   It looked like it would be really fun to jump into.

When Farmer Kurt left to get something he needed for the repair, I took my chance and dove for the pile.  I don’t remember much after that because when the pile exploded into a huge cloud I could hardly breathe or see.  Farmer Kurt came back exclaiming “What happened here?”  I was petrified but couldn’t manage to keep still because I was coughing.  I guess Farmer Kurt noticed something moving and picked me up by the scruff of my neck.  “What are you doing here, you little rascal?”  He could tell I was frightened, so he dusted me off, and wiped my face and eyes and started to laugh.   He asked my owner in the big farm house what they called me and they told him that they hadn’t named the kittens yet.  Farmer Kurt explained what happened and said he thought I should be called ‘Mr. Sawdust.’  (So you see how I got my name!)

Farmer  Kurt was my hero — for saving me from that cloud of sawdust — and I followed him everywhere after that!  When it was time for him to leave for his farm in New Jersey, I tried to sneak into his pickup truck.  He caught me, scooped me up and placed me on the grass next to the driveway.  I began to yowl – like only us farm cats can do.  You see, I loved the farm I was born on and I loved my mom and dad and brothers and sisters, but Farmer Kurt and I had bonded.  And I had listened to all of his stories about Alstede Farms and knew I could be happy there, learning about growing fruits and vegetables.  My current owners could see how distressed I was and asked Farmer Kurt if he wanted to adopt me.  Kurt said, “Sure, my kids will love him!”  And before Farmer Kurt could step out of his truck, I had jumped through the window and onto the seat next to him.

And that’s how I came to live at Alstede Farms!  I love it here and have grown big and strong on all the delicious food!!

Mr. Sawdust

Sushi – “Delicious!”
Chasing the birds from the fields – “What fun!”
Homegrown fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes because they are the most important ingredient in his favorite condiment:  catsup!
(Confidentially, he’d like Farmer Kurt to add Catnip to the herbs grown on the farm, but hasn’t been able to convince him that this would be a big seller!)

Mao Tse Tung – “There’s nothing catlike about him!”
Baths – “I do a good job with my tongue, but they keep throwing me in with all those sweet smelling bubbles…yuck!”
Having the irrigation turned on without warning him first – “Can you imagine being woken up from YOUR nap with a blast of water in the face? “


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