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Corn Maze Gallery

Alstede Farms’ Corn Maze Gallery

2016: “Celebrating 75th Anniversary of Jeep”

Corn Maze 2016

2015: Alstede Farms’ Corn Maze 2015: “Digging Dinosaurs”

Digging Dinosaurs Corn Maze

2014: “Home of the Brave” Celebrates the 200th Anniversary of our National Anthem “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Corn Maze 2014

2013: “Five Alarm” Honoring Our Firefighters

Firefighter Corn Maze 2013

2012: “American Baseball Legend: Lou Gehrig”

Lou Gehrig Corn Maze

With the permission of the Estate of Lou Gehrig, Alstede Farms was proud to honor the American baseball legend, Lou Gehrig, with its 2012 Corn Maze.

CornMazeA20112011: “Tell It To The Marines”

Our 2011 corn maze entitled “Tell It To The Marines”, was a 10 acre depiction of the U. S. Marines raising the flag on Mount Suribachi. This corn maze was a tribute to the brave marines who served our country past, present, and future.CornMaze2011

CornMazeA20102010: “Words to Live By”

Our 2010 corn maze  was a 10 acre honoring the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.


CornMazeA20092009: “Devils Corn Maze Face Off”

A tribute to “Jersey’s Team”, The New Jersey Devils Ice Hockey Team. This year’s corn maze depicts 3 players and the NJ Devils Logo. Whether you’re a Devils fan or not, you’ll find our corn maze challenging and enjoyable! Answer fun Devils trivia questions along your corn maze journey!

CornMazeA20082008: “Tribute to Chester’s Iron Mining History”

A tribute to Chester’s rich iron mining history. If you look closely at the map, you’ll see the iron miner with his pick axe. Corn maze hikers find fun and interesting questions about iron mining and its influence on Chester in the late 1700s. Answering the questions correctly directed one in the proper direction. An incorrect answer will eventually lead one to a dead end.



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