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Eat More Red Meat!

Eat More Red Meat!

Back when we lived in Northern Virginia, we would occasionally eat at a big, excellent Mexican restaurant in Arlington. My favorite night to go was Thursday, because the special that night was Roast Goat. The cut was the rear haunch. It came out on a big platter, stood on its side and kept there by a bed of beans, rice and vegetables, held aloft when brought to the table. Quite a sight! Staff called Thursdays “Flintstones Night”. And man oh man it was good.

I am not the only one who thinks goat good. A little bit of googling quickly reveals that it is in fact the most popular red meat in the world.

Just not here.

Now I don’t want to get into a vegan vs carnivore debate today, so just let me point out that Michael Pollan, author of the locavore Bible, Omnivore’s Dilemma perfectly defends the meat eating side there right down to more humane lives for animals raised for meat than those living in the wild. (Check him out on pages 309-311 etc).

Anyway, that same googling will turn up an article that says we really should eat more goat. ( This is because we love goat cheese. But to have goat cheese, you need goat milk. And to have goat milk, you need goat babies. And half of goat babies are going to be male, which is to say they are not going to produce milk. But they will be hungry and can’t be fed milk, because it is going to make cheese, so they are fed expensive supplement. Goat farmers can’t keep feeding them long if they want to keep making a living growing goats. The most humane solution to this problem is to turn them into meat, if there is a market for same.

That’s where you and I come in. We need to step up and be the market and tell all our friends too. The problem is, where is the goat? Ever since reading this, with visions of Flintstone Night flashing through my mind and palate, I have been trying to find a source for goat meat. So far, at least within reasonable driving distance I can’t find cuts of goat meat, just whole dressed goats. There are a few restaurants around that have special dishes. As you get closer to the City, there are more restaurants, and probably one could find Hallall markets, etc in town. Will keep hunting and let you know.

Meantime, here at Alstede Farms we love our goats in a different way, but more as part of our farm for you to enjoy. A great favorite for us and you is the Goat Walk where our bucks and does take to the sky to check out the scenery and look down on poor earthbound humanity. They will of course deign to eat the corn you send their way in the cup and belt goat feeder.

Kids (goat and human) love the boulder piles for climbing too. An occasional playful head butting display will burst out amongst the young ones, feeling their cracked corn you might say.

Don’t worry. None will be available any time soon at our Hen House.


Sam Walmer
Farm Steward





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