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Our Farming, Stewardship, and Conservation Practices

Alstede Farms

We are proud of our local family owned farm and our positive contributions to the quality of life for local residents.  Since Hermann S. Alstede, Sr. arrived here from Germany at Ellis Island in 1922 our family has lived the American immigrant dream and has recognized the bounty that God has so generously blessed our nation with.  As such our family and staff are fully committed to the Stewardship of God’s natural resources and the production of healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and safe local foods for you and your family. Here are all the reasons why we want you to “Know Your Farmer, and Know Your Food!”

We Honor God

We celebrate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation and recognize that as farmers we are entrusted to be stewards of His natural resources.  For this reason we are fully committed to utilizing sustainable and natural farming practices that not only maintain, but also improve the multiple natural resources that that are used in local food production.  This includes our soils, water, wild life, air, pollinators, and the natural beauty of our area.

We Value our Team Members

Alstede Team MeetingPeople are the most important resource on our farm.  Our dedicated team works tirelessly to produce the best fruits and vegetables in the northeast.  In order to insure their well being, and that of their families, we charge “Dignity Prices” for all of our produce.  This insures that every member of our team receives wages and benefits that not only properly provide for their needs, but also allow them to prosper as residents of New Jersey.  Further, our “Dignity Pricing” also allows us to provide a professional work environment that fosters mutual respect, care for one another, and professional and personal development.

No GMO’s

Non GMOWe are a true local family farm.  Local farm production insures that you can access the best tasting and most nutritious fruits and vegetables available.  This is made possible by us taking the time to select the very best crop varieties that are either native to our area or were bred specifically to thrive here in the Garden State.  No GMO’s are needed to accomplish this goal.  Rather, we draw upon our many decades of personal experience and especially select heirloom, vintage, and classic varieties, including many bred at our own Rutgers University, to insure that we provide our customers with the very best flavor, quality, and selection that is possible.

We Take Care of Our Soil

Alstede Farms, and our founder Farmer Kurt, have been nationally recognized multiple times for our soil and water conservation practices.  We know that good soil and clean water are essential for great crop production.  We also know that taking care of our soil is Leaf Recyclingessential to insuring great local food production for future generations.  Our farm uses only sustainable and natural growing methods and our management practices incorporate many techniques that are integral to a well managed local farm that seeks to maintain and enhance the eco diversity and natural resources that we care for.  Regular soil testing, monitoring of plant nutrient levels, the use of green manures, cover crops, contour farming, conservation tillage, the application of manures, the addition of organic matter and leaf mulching, supplementing essential plant nutrients, maintaining soil pH, and crop rotation all insure that our soils become healthier each year while at the same time producing bountiful crops of local fruits and vegetables.

Certified Organic Production

High TunnelOur commitment to our local environment is further evidenced by our USDA Organic Certification.  A portion of our farm is Certified Organic and the produce that is grown and harvested from those fields proudly bears that label.  We undergo a rigorous inspection process every year combined with intensive record keeping to insure we are in compliance at all times. Few local farms are able and choose to comply with the strict standards of organic certification.  We have made this commitment so that our customers can be assured of our dedication to quality local foods.  Our organic certification stands out as another example of our long term commitment to preserving local agriculture in the Garden State.

Integrated Pest Management

We know that high quality, nutritious, and healthy local foods are important to you and for that reason we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM incorporates a wide variety of different control practices to insure that all types of pests, including insects, diseases, weeds, and more are prevented from causing harm to our crops that could result in their death.  It all starts with prevention.  We use a number of sound cultural practices to reduce incidents of pest damage which include site selection for plantings, crop rotation, pheromone trapping, resistant varieties, biological controls, predatory insects, cultivation, and the elimination of alternate hosts.  We contract with Rutgers University and other private crop consultant experts to assist us in monitoring our crops and pest populations on a regular basis to insure that we know exactly if and when we must control a pest.  The use of IPM tremendously reduces our dependence upon pesticides and today we only make an application in extreme situations when there is no other alternative available to protect our crops.

Conserving Water

Water is essential to crop growth and to all life; especially here in the Highlands region of the state.  We manage our water resources very carefully and implement a number of water conservation techniques to help preserve this important component of our farm crop production systems.  Trickle and low flow irrigation systems are utilized on nearly half of our acreage insuring that water is only applied in the exact place and at the exact time that it is needed.  We also monitor soil moisture contents so that we know exactly when to apply water to a crop and also to insure that we don’t over apply and waste any water.  We also harvest water from our buildings and impervious coverage areas directing all of this water into our reservoir system to then be re-purposed into irrigation use.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Our local farm, and your support of us, insures a huge reduction in the food delivery system carbon foot print.  Rather than consuming fruits and vegetables from thousands of miles away that require extensive amounts of hydrocarbon fuels to transport them to New Jersey; we offer produce grown just minutes from your home.  Not only do our homegrown local fruits and vegetables taste better, but they are also great for the environment.

Preserving Local Agriculture Lands

No other family has actively preserved and farms more farmland acres in Morris County than the Alstede Family.  We currently own over 410 permanently preserved farmland acres and actively farm several hundred more…most again preserved.  Our family and team has dedicated itself to preserving local rural values here in New Jersey and has made a huge investment in maintaining our family owned farm here in the Garden State.  We love calling New Jersey our home and look forward to enhancing the quality of life for all of our regional neighbors for many decades to come!





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