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What is the Highlands Harvest Club CSA Program?

What is a CSA?
Highlands Harvest Club CSAA CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The basic idea of CSA farming is a cooperative relationship between the farmer and his customers. Based on an annual commitment to one another, community members provide a pre-season payment to purchase a “share” of the season’s harvest. The member then receives a weekly box of a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit through the growing season, harvested at the peak of ripeness and flavor. You’ve heard of the benefits of buying local – now we’re offering you a great way to enjoy fruits and vegetables grown right here in Chester and have the opportunity to make an investment in these locally grown foods, which in turn helps to keep New Jersey green!

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What is a Share?
What is a CSAWith a pre-season payment you may purchase a “share” of our farm’s spring, summer and fall harvest. You then receive a weekly box of fresh produce through our 31 week harvest cycle, end of April to Thanksgiving. In signing up, you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the season. This provides the farm with a secure market for all our growing efforts. The farm, in turn, commits to providing an abundant, diverse and quality array of vegetables and fruit. The worth of a share is linked not only with the value you place upon eating fresh, locally grown food and knowing who grows your food, but also the sustainable and organic methods of food production, keeping our local economy robust and your own eating habits and lifestyle. For about $42 a week (for a Full Share) or $24 a week (for a Half Share) or $19 a week (for a Personal Share) you can be treated to an outstanding selection of fruits and vegetables grown especially for your family, and harvested fresh for you on the day of your pick up. There’s no better way to enjoy this local treasure than in the Highlands Harvest Club.

What is a shareholder?
In signing up with Alstede Farms Highlands Harvest Club CSA, you commit to being our customer, a shareholder, for the season. This provides us with a secure market, a guaranteed outlet for our produce and a fair return for our dedicated efforts to be your farmer.

What does it mean to be a shareholder?
We will do our best to provide you with a bounty of fine produce each week. A premise of a CSA is that the
shareholder, through the vegetables, shares the farmer’s experiences of nature. Weather difficulties may alter a crop and you may see differences in the sizes of fruits and vegetables throughout the season. We may also substitute items in your box, as shortages may occur in the natural growing process.

What types of shares are there?
We offer Full, Half, and Personal size shares.  Learn more about our shares…

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