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Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned Firewood

Each year Alstede Farms cuts, splits and sells over 200 cords of firewood!  But did you know that it is harvested from our sustainably managed forest land?  We don’t just cut down trees, we manage our forest land to allow for regrowth and to eliminate invasive species.  Sustainability is part of everything we do, from growing fruits and vegetables, to producing firewood and taking care of our garbage (reduce, reuse and recycle)!


We offer a variety of sizes from a personal bundle all the way up to a full cord…with delivery of bulk firewood in 1/2 cord and greater quantities.  Stacking is also available. Our staff can stack your wood anywhere, even inside your home.  Wood length ranges from 16″ to 20″ and generally averages 18″. Seasoned one year split hardwood.  The wood was cut last fall. Mixed hardwood (ash, maple, oak, and some birch).

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Firewood Facts: 1 Full Cord = a 4′ x 4′ x 8′ pile of stacked split wood which = 2 pickup truck loads.
Wood length ranges from 16″ to 20″ and generally averages 18″. Seasoned one year split hardwood.
Our seasoned, split hardwood was cut over 18 months ago. Mixed hardwood (ash, maple, oak, and some birch).

Seasoned Firewood Prices

Smaller quantities.
Available for pick up in our market everyday!
Size Price
Personal Bundle (.75 cubic feet) wrapped & ready to go! $7.99
Stack (1/24 cord) $29.99
Pallet (1/3 cord) stacked pallets! Seasoned, wrapped & ready to be fork-lifted right into your own truck! $139.99
Fatwood Firestarter – 8 lb. bag $22.99
Larger quantities.
For delivery only. Pre-order is required.
Size Price
1/2 cord $220.00
1 Full cord $285.00

Please note:  A delivery charge will be made for each cord of wood delivered

Local Delivery Charges:  First 10 miles is $25.00

Long Distance Delivery Charges:
Add $15.00 for each additional 5 miles (see chart)

11 – 15 miles     $40.00
16 – 20 miles     $55.00
21 – 25 miles     $70.00
26 – 30 miles     $85.00
31 – 35 miles     $100.00

Stacking Charges: (Within 10 feet of truck)
1/2 Cord: $75.00
Full Cord: $95.00

Other Stacking Charges:
Add additional $35.00 for carry on level ground beyond 10 feet.
Add additional $35.00 for carry up or down stairs.

All firewood orders must be paid for in advance.