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Fun With The NJ Devils

Little Devils LogoAlstede Farms is the Official Partner of the Little Devils

The Official Kids Club of the New Jersey Devils Hockey Team!

Add to the Fun of Rooting for New Jersey’s Own Hockey Team by Joining the Little Devils!

This is your chance to become an official member…with free stuff and cool Little Devils only benefits.  There are two levels:  Rookie and All-Star with benefits which include team updates and facts about the players to discounts at Alstede Farms!  Sign up today to be closer to your favorite team than ever!

A Message From NJ - 

Kids, we know that you love the Devils and this is your chance to become an official member of the Little Devils in partnership with Alstede Farms. With  fun, free stuff and rad Little Devils only benefits, you’re going to be closer to your favorite team than ever! nj_signature

Learn More About NJ Devil…

2 Membership Options:

Rookie Kit (FREE):

  • Membership card
  • Devils Lanyard, Poster, & Folder

Rookies Benefits:

  • 10% discount at the Devils Den Team Store
  • 10% discount at Alstede Farms
  • Access to the Little Devils Zone
  • Prizes for member check-in at each game
  • Monthly e-Newsletter

All-Star Kit ($20.00 + tax):

  • Rookie Kit
  • Devils Cap
  • Personalized Locker Room Photo
  • Center Ice Game Program

All-Star Benefits:

  • Rookie Benefits
  • Exclusive Ticket Offer
  • Three (3) Invite-Only Events
  • Downloadable 2014-15 Yearbook
  • Personalized E-Birthday Card
  • Little Devils Junior Reporter Contest
  • Member’s Name on the Scoreboard


NJ Devil and Mr. SaSometimes Mr. Sawdust appears at Alstede Farms and other places with NJ Devil to sign autographs and greet Devils and Alstede Farms fans! (If you’re not already a member of the Little Devils Kids Club, then this would be a perfect time to join…the best kids club in the NHL!).  Learn more about Mr. Sawdust…



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